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Villaume 1

Walter Villaume

Mr. Cecil

English 2

21 September 2005

My Horrible Place

            Lake Elsinore, Perris race way. I am focused and ready for the gate to

drop. My gate is swept and my gas tank is full. I am telling myself you can do

it; just don’t fall. My friends and family were all watching from the stand and

all I wanted to do was to finish this race first.


            The gate drops and we are off. I am leading, but by how much or how

far?  Am I checked out or is it close? My bike is running well and I can feel

the sweat beading down my forehead. I am riding as hard as I can; should I

back off or should I keep pushing the bike? As I enter in to the second corner I look back, and not a single rider is in sight.

            I am coming up to a big jump that I have never done before. I think I know how fast should I go, but should I preload or should I slow down?  I make up my mind and decide to go for it.  As the thought runs through my mind, I hit the throttle and my bike sputters, my heart stops, and the thought of pain went rushing through my head. I leap off the face of the jump and know that I am going to come up short. Should I bail? No, I am too high in the air; I just have to take the pain. I land and keep riding. The next thought through my head is severe pain in my legs. That is it I broke my leg.

            I pull off the track and am yelling for help but the flagman can’t hear me (what was I thinking I am at a motorcycle track in the middle of the race, you cant hear a thing).

Villaume 2

I keep yelling and he still doesn’t hear me. These few moments feel like an eternity. I can’t get off my bike both of my legs feel as if they are broken, and I can’t balance on either of them. Finally someone comes to help me. I tell them my legs feel broken and they take me to the pits. I get in a car and go to the hospital. After a long day and a broken right leg and fractured left I lay my head down and go to sleep.

English_2 Walter Villaume Period 5
Mr. Cecil